Does Hand Soap Belong on Your Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

Is it safe to use hand soap as body wash? Your skin is a living thing, and you want to treat it well. After all, it's one of the few organs you get to show off to the outside world. Keeping your natural glow is tricky, though, especially in the age of harsh chemicals and artificial scents. This brings us back to the question: does a hand care soap make safe body wash? 

Liquid hand soap is usually a top offender in the harsh ingredient category. Antibacterial products dry out your skin and scour away the moisture barrier that keeps moisturizing oils locked in. Products brag about how much they strip from your skin rather than how much they care for it. Naturally, you'd think twice before using such a product on the rest of your body, but how much of a risk is it to move some hand soap into the shower? 

In truth, the biggest difference between body wash and hand soap is marketing. Soap is - ultimately - soap. That doesn't mean you should scrub with just any liquid soap, though. Many of the reasons you would think twice about using liquid hand soap carry over to body wash. Artificial scents and untested chemicals can damage your skin, regardless of what name the manufacturer prints on the label. 

The greatest concern any professional seems to have about using hand soap as body wash is that it might irritate delicate regions of skin, particularly on your face. However, if you have sensitive skin, acne, or other dermatological concerns, you probably use a specialized facial cleanser. So, using liquid hand soap as body wash wouldn't be an issue, because it would touch your face as often as your regular soap: never. 

Of course, essentially all of these concerns stem from worries over harsh, antibacterial soaps, artificial scents, and other common irritants. If you want a hand soap you can use as a body wash, a natural hand soap is your best option. All natural hand soaps utilize gentler ingredients, and they aim to promote healing and moisturizing. Better Home Clean specifically designs their products to prevent issues like dry skin and irritation. Why wouldn't you want those benefits for all of your skin? 

Hand care can be full body care. Natural hand soap is the perfect solution. You get the moisturizing benefits and the lovely scents you crave from a body wash without exposing your skin to extreme pH balances or dangerous chemicals. One product can serve multiple purposes, and you may feel better for making the change.

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