7 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

February 01, 2019

7 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Clutter around the house can be extremely frustrating, but it's worst in your kitchen. Not only is clutter unsightly, but it's hard to cook in the kitchen when there is stuff everywhere. Here are seven organizing and cleaning tips to keep your kitchen tidy. 

Organizational system: First, you need to a place to plan your organization! Buy a small magnetic white board that is paired with a cork board and place it prominently on your fridge. Not only will this look sleek and tidy, it will be a great organizing spot for the whole family. You can put grocery lists, kids' schedules, and chore charts all in one place. 

Pull-out cabinet drawers: It can be hard to reach the backs of your cabinet, so install racks at the bottom so you can pull the contents out for easier access. 

Pantry door rack: Looking for a better cleaning option? Find new room in your pantry by adding a rack to the door. It's a simple and easy way to increase storage. 

Under-shelf Stemware: One of our most stylish organizational tips is under-shelf stemware. Wine glasses are beautiful, but can take up a lot of precious cabinet room. Why not display your beautiful glasses while creating storage space by hanging them upside down in racks attached to the underside of your cabinets? Stylish and functional! 

Easy-access wipes: In order to encourage better cleaning practices from everyone in your family, make sure to have one set of wipes easily accessible in a low cabinet that your kids can reach. When they make a mess, they are able to clean it up on their own. No more excuses! 

One junk drawer: It may sound counter-intuitive, but having a junk drawer is essential and one of our favorite organizational tips. Let's face it, no one is perfect. You're inevitably going to end up with junk that you need to keep but that doesn't have a proper place. The junk drawer is a catch-all for these things while keeping the other spaces in your kitchen tidy. 

Clean out your fridge: This may not be one of the exciting cleaning tips, but it is important. Your fridge can become a place for old food to rot and die and stay for years, if you let it. The rest of your kitchen could be clean, but if the fridge is a mess, it won't feel complete. Be sure to clean out your fridge entirely at least once a year to keep your kitchen healthy and neat.

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